The Uses Of Beeswax

Beeswax has a few names; apis mellifica, cera alba, cera flava, abeille blanchem white wax, cire blanche, which are just a handful of terms for the product of honey bees in the form of natural wax. It is one of the most amazing substances that have been produced without chemicals and it can be used to improve the way of life. Certified apismellifica can be organic only if there are no chemicals being used within three miles of where the beehive has been located. Three miles is the radius where you will find the bees flying around. This is done in order to ensure that no pesticides will be embedded in the honeycomb and therefore, contaminating it.There are many used for beeswax and you can find it in a refined form in any expensive or cheap art supplies Sydney stores:

  • Lip balm – During the months of winter you need to keep you lips moisturized and the best natural substance is beeswax. Add cera alba into a double boiler and bring it down to liquid form using low heat. Add one teaspoon of honey, which is raw, 2 ounces of organic oil (olive oil is preferred) and seed oil in two ounces. This mixture should then be stirred and you can add some peppermint to bring about the minty effect. Remove it from the heat and transfer the contents to the lip balm containers.
  • If you want to make candles, you will find white wax in the form of beeswax beads, which can be used to make candles. Add you own colour and scent to make it customised and it can also be gifted as well.
  • If you want to look in the moisture on to your skin, add vitamin E into a little of beeswax and apply it on damaged or dry skin. To give it extra moisture adds some almond oil and some lavender oil as well.
  • Party invitations or letters can be sealed to impress your guests. Use the beeswax and use your seal on top to get the final touches locked in.
  • Into a pan, add chickweed powder, wormwood powder, and olive oil and let it simmer in the pan for about three hours. You can add the honeycomb and some tea tree oil.
  • Apis mellifica can be used to look in the flavours when it comes to cooking. It is used to make jellybeans and even Haribo’s gummy bears. French pastries contain honeycomb, which gives it a distinctive crunchy texture and taste.
    Beeswax is a useful substance that will make a difference in your life.

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