5 Things Every Bridesmaids Should Know

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5 Things Every Bridesmaids Should Know

March 4, 2018 Ecommerce 0

Congratulations! It’s your first time as a bridesmaid and you couldn’t have been happier than being beside your best friend on her special day. Leaving aside the dresses and the champagne, a bridesmaid’s role can be just as stressful as being the bride. It’s more than tasting cakes or slipping on a dress for a photo shoot. Once you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, you would have several questions about what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Here’s a guide to help you become a good bridesmaid.

Be supportive

The obvious reason for having a bridesmaid is to have someone support you throughout the whole planning process. Listening and pooling your ideas are good approaches to assist the bride. Your presence at pre wedding events are important unless you can’t make it to one of them, you can be upfront about it and not cancel dates at the last moment. In simple terms, lend a hand to the bride in need.

Pre wedding events

The bridal shower, the hen party, the rehearsal dinner are the events you step up and plan. Mailing the birthday cards Australia, remembering the guest count and the names of the invitees are some of the things that bridesmaids have to take up and execute. A bridal shower is a more civilized party as opposed to a hen party which is a wild night that happens the day before the event. Each event has to be planned accordingly. After all it’s not only your job to raise a toast at the big day but also to give your bride an unforgettable night as a bachelorette.

The reception

This is a day that you go off duty and can do a neat waltz at the dance floor for the bride. However, the bride might need your helping hand on this day as well. Things might go smooth or might not go as planned. This is where you make an entrance. Guests might have trouble finding their perfect party invitations at the table. The bride might need your help in calling up the guests to come and take photos with them. This is a day that you must be there for the bride and help cover up flaws at the reception.


No one can possibly be too organized or have a 100% chance of getting things right at the party. The bride might get cold feet and it’s your duty to keep her calm all night long. The music and the catering are taking too long to prepare things and several other things can go wrong. This your day to wear the cape and save the day. So, be prepared for emergencies and have extra of everything with you.

Be cooperative

It’s important that you cooperate and be there for the bride. An uncooperative bride will always cause a lot of problems at the wedding. It the brides big day and not yours. You might not like the best man that you have to dance with or the brides maid dress is not your color and taste, but a good bridesmaid will smile and focus on her friend’s happiness. Finally, raise a glass of champagne and give a good toast to the bride. Make sure that you go through your speech with the bride and avoid saying anything that she wouldn’t like or an incident that would make her embarrass. After all, a bridesmaid role is to honor the bride and keep her happy on her big day.