Popular Tanning Methods

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Popular Tanning Methods

March 22, 2020 Ecommerce 0

People with white skins love to get tan. This has become a popular trend in the past few years. This passion has become so intense that despite knowing the adverse impact of the intense sunlight the people love to spend hours in the sun to get tan. Besides this natural mode of tanning, certain methods have made it possible to get tan in the salons or at the homes. The three popular modes of best self tanning mitt are as follows:

 Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning as the name suggests is the indoor arrangement for the tanning. Here the artificial methods of tanning are used. The person looking forward to getting the body tanned cloaks in the bathing suit and tans his body by sitting in the tanning booth. These booths allow the body to get exposed to the UV rays. Usually, the booth works with two different kinds of UV rays being UV-A and UV-B rays. The former penetrated deep inside the skin while the latter just impacts upon the uppermost layer of the skin. In some cases the booths let the person enjoy both these rays. In this situation the skins very dark. Although it is a safe and easy way to make the bodies tan still there are certain disadvantages to this method as well. The UV B rays can cause sunburn-like situation while as the type A works deeply hence the user can expect to face allergies and rashes on the skin as well. The worst anyone can expect is skin cancer.

 Spray Tanning

Many people who like tanning are not too happy with the previous mode of tanning. Still this they want their skin to look tan and dark. They prefer doing it at home or in the salon with the spray tanning option. These sprays do not have any adverse results like the UV rays. The results are far-reaching and quick. The risk of cancer is minimized in this kind of tanning. The sprays contain a special chemical called dihydroxyacetone. Chemically it is a sugar molecule that can alter the pigmentation of the skin. The process that takes just a few hours lasts for not more than a week. Besides satisfactory results of the said the FDA is not in favour of using the DHA based sprays for buy self tanning foam.

 Outdoor Tans

The most common and the natural way of colouring the skin to the natural darker shade is the outdoor tanning. Here the skin is directly exposed to the sun. It is one of the oldest methods of tanning the skin. In common words, it is referred to as the sunbath. The one seeking the skin tanning spreads the necessary protective creams on the skin and exposes the part or parts that he intends to get tanned and then sits in the sun. This is a natural way but still, it is important to take good care of skin before actually going for the skin tanning in the outdoors.